(Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths & Injuries)

Tool Kit for Health Care Providers

1. Triage Your Patients Based on Fall Risk
This tool walks health care providers through assessing a patient’s fall risk, educating patients, selecting interventions, and following up

2. See Your Patient's Risk at a Glance
This checklist allows health care providers to summarize an older patient's fall risk.

3. Have Your Patients Check Their Risk of Falling
This brochure offers a checklist that patients can use to check their risk of falling.

4. Integrate Fall Prevention into Your Practice
This wall chart helps health care providers determine who in their practice will be responsible for conducting fall risk assessments, delivering interventions, and providing education to older patients.

5. Prevent Falls in Older Patients, Provider Pocket Guide
This small, easy-to-use tool walks health care providers through key points of fall prevention.

6. Talk about Fall Prevention with Your Patients
This document can help health care providers comfortably talk about fall prevention with patients.

7. Patient Referral Form
Use this form to refer a patient to a specialist for gait and mobility problems or for other medical problems that may increase his or her risk of falling.

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