Geriatric Examination Tool Kit

Breath Sound audio files

Credit: Dr. David Arnall, East Tennessee State University, PT Dept.
Hint: listen with a high speed connection (at school) to avoid buffering gaps

Suggested audio files listed below:

Normal Breath Sounds

Trachial Breath Sound
Bronchial Breath Sound
Vesicular Breath Sound
Bronchovesicular Breath Sound

Adventitious Sounds

Fine Rales or Crackles
Medium Rales or Crackles
Course Rales or Crackles - Case # 1
Course Rales or Crackles - Case # 2

Pleural Friction Rub - Case # 2

Stridor - Case # 2 - Advanced Severe Stridor
Sonorous Rhonchus or Wheeze
Sibilant Rhonchus or Wheeze - Case # 2
Severe Sibilant Wheezes In An Asthmatic Patient

Vocal Sounds