Geriatric Examination Tool Kit

Functional Outcome Instruments

BADL: Basic ADLs
(All are PERFORMANCE-BASED assessments by the therapist)

1.  Physical Mobility Scale (see Appendix on p.98)

Pike E, Landers MR. (2010). Responsiveness of the physical mobility scale in long-term care facility residents. J Geriatr Phys Ther. 2010 Apr-Jun;33(2):92-8.

2.  Katz Index of ADLs

3.  Barthel ADL Index

4.  Functional Independence Measure (FIM)
FIM is proprietary. See O'Sullivan 5th ed. p.387-388

Terminology: definitions for Levels of Assistance

IADL: Independent ADLs

1.  LLFDI - Late Life Function and Disability Instrument

2.  SF-36   (proprietary; overview on website)

3. FSQ -- Functional Status Questionnaire

4.  VES-13 -- Vulnerable Elders Study - details

BADL / IADL portion of OASIS documentation form, used in Home Health

See O'Sullivan & Schmitz, 5th ed:


  •  p.385-393
  •  p.397, Table 11.7 (comparison table)

O’Sullivan, S.B. and Schmitz T.J. (Eds.). (2007). Physical rehabilitation: assessment and treatment (5th ed.). Philadelphia: F. A. Davis Company

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