Geriatric Examination Tool Kit

Dynamic Gait Index - DGI

Original, 8-item test

Modified DGI (mDGI): Expanded Scoring System for the original 8-item test.
(includes time, assistance level, and gait analysis)

Shumway-Cook A, Taylor CS, Matsuda PN, Studer MT, Whetten BK. (2013). Expanding the Scoring System for the Dynamic Gait Index. Phys Ther. 93:1493-1506.

Appendix: Scoring sheet

"The 95% minimal detectable change was 4 for the mDGI total score."

The 4-item DGI uses the first four items of the original DGI:

1. Gait on level surface
2. Gait with speed changes
3. Horizontal head turns
4. Vertical head turns

Maximum score = 12/12

"With regard to the use of the 4-item DGI as a screening tool for falls, the higher specificity of the 4-item DGI suggests that a closer evaluation of fall risk factors is indicated if an individual has a score of less than 10 of 12." 

Marchetti G. et. al. (2006) Construction and Validation of the 4-Item Dynamic Gait Index
PTJ 86:12 1651-1660