Fullerton Advanced Balance scale (FAB)

Instructions for administering the test

Scoring form

California State University, Fullerton. College of Health and Human Development, Center for Successful Aging. (2008). The Fullerton Advanced Balance Scale. Retrieved 6-9-2012. http://hhd.fullerton.edu/csa/centerproducts/centerproducts_assessment.html

"The probability of falling increased by 8% with each 1-point decrease in total FAB scale score ... a cut-off score of 25 out of 40 on the FAB scale produced the highest sensitivity (74.6%) and specificity (52.6%) in predicting faller status."
Hernandez D, Rose DJ.(2008). Predicting which older adults will or will not fall using the Fullerton Advanced Balance scale. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 89(12):2309-15.

Rose DJ, Lucchese N, Wiersma LD. (2006). Development of a multidimensional balance scale for use with functionally independent older adults. Arch Phys Med Rehabil, 87:1478-85.