Multicultural Considerations


1. Calendar dates of religious observances (dates when accommodation may be appropriate)
Division of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity. University of Missouri.

2. Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Equity, University of Missouri - Resources

3. EthnoMed: Integrating Cultural Information into Clinical Practice
Harbor View Medical Center, University of Washington, Seattle WA.

4. Understanding Islam and the Muslims
IslamiCity’s mission is to share with the world an understanding of Islam and Muslims and promote peace, justice and harmony for all people.
IslamiCity is incorporated in the State of California since 1991 as a public benefit, charitable, educational and scientific organization.

5. Muslim observance of Ramadan: what health care providers need to know - video (watch the first 13 min)

Harbor View Medical Center, University of Washington, Seattle WA.

6. Centro Latino, Columbia MO

7. U.S. Census Bureau 2020: Definition of Hispanic or Latino Origin :
"Hispanic or Latino refers to a person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin regardless of race"
About Hispanic Origin. US Census Bureau. Oct. 16, 2020. Accessed Aug. 1, 2021.

8. Continuum of Acculturation
Baylor College of Medicine. (2005). Continuum of Acculturation. Retrieved 9-4-2009.

Continuum of aculturation

9. Definitions:
Cultural Competency Update. (2007). A monthly communication from the University of Michigan Health System's Program for Multicultural Health's Cultural Competency Division. Multicultural Health Generalization. Retrieved 9-4-2009.

  • Stereotype - ending point.  When stereotyping, one makes an assumption about a person based on group membership without learning whether or not that individual fits the assumption.
  • Generalization - starting point.  When generalizing, one begins with an assumption about a group but then seeks further information about whether the assumption fits that individual.

10. Health Literarcy (from CMS)

Disability Language:
Disability tipsheet
Indiana University. (2007). Retrieved 9-4-2009.

University of Missouri
School of Health Professions
Department of Physical Therapy

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