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Cerebellar Degeneration.
Right Eye

This clip has audio with the therapist telling the patient to follow the horizontal movements of his finger.

Name the nystagmus at each gaze position that is held by the patient:

  1. left
  2. center
  3. right
  4. center
  1. left - L nystagmus
  2. center - R (rebound) nystagmus
  3. right - R nystagmus
  4. center - L (rebound) nystagmus

Rebound nystagmus is a primary position nystagmus which is provoked by prolonged gaze holding.

It appears after the eyes are returned to primary position.

The traditional method of eliciting rebound is to have the patient follow ones finger to one side, hold gaze there for 10 seconds (with constant encouragement by the examiner to keep looking), and then rapid return to central gaze. At that point, the examiner looks for a nystagmus that beats away from the previous direction of gaze holding, lasting for at least 5 beats.