Consumer Health Information for Older Adults
... reliable, evidence based advice.

1. Locator for your "AAA" Area Agency on Aging - they provide multiple support services

Locator for Silver Sneakers  (free wellness program with Medicare Advantage - Part C)

Locator for Renew Active (free wellness program with Medicare Advantage - Part C)

Locator for YMCAs

Locator:  Univ of Missouri Extension Fall Prevention community programs (also in TN, NC, KS)


2. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and EXERCISE  NCOA - National Council on Aging

"Your Everyday Guide to Exercise & Physical Activity" - NIA (National Institute on Aging)
"Walk With Ease" - Arthritis Foundation's facilitator guidebook for leading 6-week classes

Home workout videos:

Inclusive exercise targeted for multiple health conditions and disabilities.
Seated and standing exercise.

YouTube channel with 38 videos:
National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability (NCHPAD)

Tips & Motivators

Four types of exercise
(ACSM Infographic)

NO MORE EXCUSES! Overcome Exercise Barriers (ACSM Infographic)

Safety Tips for Exercising Outdoors for Older Adults (NIA)


List: Evidence Based Falls Prevention Programs

STEADI – Fall Risk Screening Tool Kit (CDC)
Comparison of different Fall Prevention programs (for health care providers)

Otago Exercise Program
(for health care providers)

Falls Are Largely Preventable - Learn How  (AOTA, APTA Powerpoint file for community event)



4.a Neighborhood Navigator: Improve Social Determinants of Health among your patients. 

4.b Resources for Older Adults & Caregivers (Columbia and Boone County, Mo)


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