Geriatric Examination Tool Kit

                        1. Low Vision Accommodations

Driving: documents from Mike Taylor OTR

2. Driver Skills Assessment of Motor Abilities :
Strength, ROM, Sensation, Coordination

3. Evidence-Based Post Operative / Injury Driving Recommendations

4. How to report an unsafe driver in Missouri

5. e-mail conversation with an Insurance Agent:
the importance of a driving assessment for a disabled person.

6. Disability -- Effect on Driving -- Suggested Aids

7. Driver's License and Missouri State Law

8. Driver Condition Report, State of Missouri

9. Transcript of email regarding Driver Assessment with Michael Taylor, OT

10. Driving and Dementia
Debbie Ricker, OTR/L, Executive Director of Adaptive Driving Center, Memory Center
Retrieved 11-22-2011 from National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners.


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